Comm. Law

[commlaw] 10-23 Numbering Policy and VoIP

Required Reading:

  • Mark C. Del Bianco, Voices Past: The Present and Future of VOIP Regulation, 14 CommLaw Conspectus 365 (2006).

Additional Reading:

  • Mark L. Silverstein, Voip and Pay-to-Play: Broadband’s Attempt to Push Away Direct Competition, 155 U. Pa. L. Rev. 1305 (2007).
  • Sunny Lu, Note, Cellco Partnership v. FCC & Vonage Holdings Corp. V. Minnesota Public Utilities Commission: VOIP’s Shifting Legal and Political Landscape, 20 Berkeley Tech. L.J. 859 (2005).
  • Sylvie Rousseau & Tanguy Van Overstraeten, Numbering and Portability for Voice Over IP Services in Belgium: A Regulatory Framework in Motion, C.T.L.R. 2006, 12(6), 169-174 (2006).
  • 杜佳蓉,網路電話發展之法制研究,交通大學科法所碩士論文 (2005)。

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