Intro. to Am. Law

[ITAL] 5/21 Legal Profession


  • Text: ch. 13.

Homework 1: All About Lawyers

  • Hints: How many practicing lawyers are there in the States? What’s the break down among states, practice areas (litigation, tax, … etc.)? How many law students graduate each year? How many hours per week do they work as junior associates? How much, in average, do they earn? Where do they go if they don’t practice law? What is a state bar? What is the ABA? What does the ABA do these days?

Homework 2: Too Many Lawyers?

  • Hints: It’s a popular belief that the United States has too many lawyers and people hate lawyers. Why do you think that come from? When did it start? How about Taiwan? Do we need more lawyers, or less?

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