[ITAL] 6/25 Regulation and Welfare


Homework: On Administrative Procedure

  • Hints: What is the Administrative Procedure Act (APA)? Why is it important? What does it regulate? How does it work? What other important statutes have been incorporated into Subchapter II (Administrative Procedure) of Title 5 of the U.S.C.? What roughly do they regulate?

Subchapter II—Administrative Procedure

[Law & Econ] 6/24 Environmental law and Reflections


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  • 葉俊榮, 出賣環境權:從五輕設廠的十五億「回饋基金」談起, 行政院國科會研究彙刊2卷1期, P.17 (1992).
  • Christine Jolls, Cass R. Sunstein & Richard Thaler, A Behavioral Approach to Law and Economics, 50 Stan. L. Rev. 1471 (1998).


  • Bruce A. Ackermant & William T. Hassler, Beyond the New Deal: Coal and the Clean Air Act,
    89 Yale L. J. 1466 (1980). (This would be the mandatory reading but for its length.)
  • Margaret Jane Radin, The Colin Ruagh Thomas O’fallon Memorial Lecture on Reconsidering Personhood, 74 Or. L. Rev. 423 (1995).