[LRTW] 1/6 Final Presentations (Corrected)

IMPORTANT CORRECTION: 詩芳 & 嬿儒 have switched places in the order of reviewers. Sorry to both of you for the inconvenience.

Please see below for the order of presentations on Wed., along with each AO’s commentator in parenthesis:

presenter (reviewer)

  1. 佳茹 (菁芳)
  2. 詩芳 (嬿儒)
  3. 雨筑 (詩芳)
  4. 菁芳 (雨筑)
  5. 嬿儒 (佳茹)


  1. Both the order of presentation and review assignments were decided by random number in Excel.
  2. You should study everyone’s AO, not just the one you’re responsible for. Your full participation, including the presentation, comments as a reviewer, and comments as a peer will be scored.

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