[ITAL] 4-29 The Fourth Estate


  • 林子儀,新聞自由的意義及其理論基礎,台大法學論叢第 22卷1期,頁59-103 (1992) (收於氏著「言論自由與新聞自由」專書)。

Assignment: Newspapers

  • How many newspapers are there in the U.S.? How are they distributed (geographically)? How are they usually categorized (national/regional…, daily/weekly…, morning/evening…)? How many “national” newspapers do they have? What is a “newspaper of record”? What is a tabloid? How many sections does New York Times have? What is an “op-ed”? Is a respected newspaper expected to stay neutral politically (or in any controversy)? How are American newspaper coping with the internet revolution?

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