media law

[medialaw] 1/20 Final Presentations

The class will start at 10:30, half an hour later than Wed., since I (and probably 3 of you) will likely be exhausted after a long day on Wed.

Each paper would get 90 min., allocated as follows:

1. 35 min for presentation.
2. 15 min for reviewer’s comment.
3. 10 min for author’s reply.
4. 30 min for open discussion (including my comments).

Be sure to read others’ papers; this is your last chance to shore up your “participation” score.

Each paper will have a reviewer. The parings (by random draw) are listed at the end of this notice. Please note that the list represents only the pairing, Not the order of presentations, which will be decided at the beginning of the class.


presenter reviewer
瑋成 怡婷
怡婷 民萱
詩芳 瑋成
民萱 詩芳
瑋成 怡婷
怡婷 民萱
詩芳 瑋成
民萱 詩芳

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