[LRTW] 1/12 AO Presentations

Important notes:

  • We will meet at 10 AM, and conclude (hopefully) by 6 PM; lunch break after the 3rd AO.
  • You are expected to read every AO (mostly done, I hope).
  • Learn to take good control of your time. Highlight your main arguments when time is short, and elaborate when time permits.

Order of Presentations: To be Decided on Site

Presenter (black) – reviewer (red) Pairing:

林芳聿 – 潘旻蕙
劉芳宇 – 黃苓禎
于寧欣 – 蔡宗羱
黃苓禎 – 劉芳宇
陳品涵 – 蔡昉潔
潘旻蕙 – 于寧欣
蔡昉潔 – 陳品涵
蔡宗羱 – 林芳聿

Time allocation:

presentation 15 min.
review(s) 8 min. each
open discussion 12 min.
author’s final response 5 min.
moderator’s time 10 min.

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