[Antitrust (Tue.)] 1/16-17 Paper Presentations

Meeting Time:

  • Mon.: 9:30 AM.
  • Tue.: 10:00 AM.

Notes on your Preparation:

  • You are expected to read every paper, as always.
  • Learn to take good control of your time; don’t try to read through your paper (we’ve read it). Highlight your main arguments when time is short, and elaborate when time permits.
  • The reviewer should prepare a one-page memo (for yourself) beforehand so you could get through your points with ease. It also enables you to take note of differences between the paper and the presentation (which we should expect quite a bit given our discussions yesterday).

Order of papers and reviewers:

Day 1
order presenter reviewer
1 林芳聿 黃苓禎
2 于寧欣 潘旻蕙
12:00 lunch break
3 陳品涵 于寧欣
4 蔡宗羱 陳品涵
03:30 short break
5 蔡昉潔 林芳聿
6 潘旻蕙 劉芳宇
Day 2
7 黃苓禎 蔡宗羱
8 劉芳宇 蔡昉潔
Happy Hours

Time allocation:

presentation 25 min.
review 10 min.
author’s initial response 5 min.
open discussion 20 min.
moderator’s time 15 min.

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