[lawecon] 6/21-22 Final

Weather Contingency Plan:

The most current weather forecast suggests Talim (泰利) will leave us by early Thu. morning, hence no impact on our classes. If things change and it (or heavy any other serious weather condition) does affect us, here’s how we should proceed:

  • If either 台北市, 新北市 or 桃園縣 declares Thu. (or the afternoon of Thu.) a no-class day, our sessions on that day are canceled. Same for Fri., but that should be even less likely.
  • If it’s not a no-class day, but heavy rain makes it hazardous for some of you to come to school, please email me as soon as possible, so I can make the announcement. During emergencies or if you don’t have Internet access, please call 曉虹 or any of my supervisees (昉潔, 苓禎 & 芳宇 in this class, and 瑋成 etc.), who can reach me via cell phone.
  • If make-up sessions are needed, we’ll discuss it when we meet as I don’t expect to cancel all sessions (on both days). Please do reserve the weekend and the following Mon., however, for that’s when make-up sessions are most likely to take place.

Take care.

Meeting Time:

  • Thu.: 2:00 PM.
  • Fri.: 10:00 AM.

Notes on your Preparation:

  • By now you should know taking words from other people’s works without quotation is considered serious offense. Come clean first during your presentation if you did it by mistake in your paper or risk grave punishment.
  • The reviewer is expected to check the arguments (see if they are sound) as well as missing quotations/citations.
  • You are expected to read every paper, as always, not just the one you review.
  • Learn to take good control of your time; don’t try to read through your paper (we’ve read it). Highlight your main arguments when time is short, and elaborate when time permits.
  • The reviewer is encouraged to prepare a one-page memo (for yourself) beforehand so you could get through your points with ease. It also enables you to take note of differences between the paper and the presentation.

Order of papers and reviewers (by random draws as usual):

Day 1
order presenter reviewer
1 陳品涵 蔡昉潔
2 黃苓禎 潘旻蕙
3 林芳聿 劉芳宇
18:00 dinner break
4 蔡宗羱 于寧欣
5 毛傳志 黃苓禎
21:30 end of first day
Day 2
6 潘旻蕙 陳品涵
7 于寧欣 林芳聿
12:30 lunch break
8 劉芳宇 毛傳志
9 蔡昉潔 蔡宗羱
16:00 the end

[cyberlaw] 6/26 The End-to-end Principle & Net Neutrality Debate

Required Reading:

Additional Reading:

  • Tim Wu & Christopher S. Yoo, Keeping the Internet Neutral?: Tim Wu and Christopher Yoo Debate, 59 Fed. Comm. L.J. 575 (2007).
  • Christopher S. Yoo, Network Neutrality and the Economics of Congestion, 94 Geo. L.J. 1847 (2006).