[Antitrust] 12/4 Price Discrimination


  • Volvo Trucks North America v. Reeder-Simco GMC, Inc., 546 U.S. 164 (2006).


[Antitrust] 11/27 Mergers & Acquisitions



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  • Omnicare, Inc. v. Unitedhealth Group, Inc., 629 F.3d 697 (7th Cir. 2011).

[Antitrust (Sat.)] Class Schedule Updated

Announcement (Correction made to reflect the correct special workday):

Due to the fact that 12/22 is a workday (to make up for the extra holiday on 12/31), the following adjustments have been made to our class schedule (special thanks to those few who stayed after class to advise me on the matter yesterday):

1. There will be no class on 12/22.

2. The remaining classes will be extended to make up for the last time, so be prepared to go home later for the rest of the semester.

3. the order of topics remains the same, but they have to be squeezed into 3 days.

Please see the updated schedule on our class homepage for detail, including adjusted presentation schedule. Let me know if there’s any problem.