[LRTW] 12/18 final AO presentations

Important notes:

  • As a presenter, you are expected to present your arguments anew, as in a conference; in other words, pretend we haven’t heard them before.
  • As a reviewer, you are expected to review the logical coherence of the arguments, the format of cited resources, and presentation performance.
  • All are expected to read everyone else’s AO, in addition to the one you review. This is your last chance to shore up your participation score.
  • Learn to take good control of your time. Highlight your main arguments when time is short, and elaborate when time permits.
  • Each session lasts 1 hr. (see time allocation table below).

Order of Presentations & Presenter-reviewer (red) Pairing:

  • The order and pairing have been decided by a series of random draws in Excel.
order presenter reviewer
1 永軒 Julien
2 Julien 乃鳳
3 乃鳳 品絜
4 品絜 永軒

Time Allocation:

presentation 20 min.
review 8 min.
open discussion 12 min.
author’s final response 5 min.
moderator’s time 10 min.