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[commlaw] 5/24 Privacy vs. Free Speech

Required Reading:

  • Andrew R.W. Hughes, Does the United States Have an Answer to the European Right to Be Forgotten?, 7 No. 1 Landslide 18 (2014).
  • Lothar Determann, Social Media Privacy: A Dozen Myths and Facts, 2012 Stan. Tech. L. Rev. 7.

Important Cases:

Additional Reading:

  • Spiros Tassis & Margarita Peristeraki, The Extraterritorial Scope of the “Right to Be Forgotten” and How This Affects Obligations of Search Engine Operators Located Outside the EU, 2 Eur. Networks L. & Reg. Q. 244 (2014).
  • Meg Leta Ambrose, A Digital Dark Age and the Right to Be Forgotten, 17 No. 3 J. Internet L. 1 (2013).
  • James Q. Whitman, The Two Western Cultures of Privacy: Dignity Versus Liberty, 113 YALE L.J. 1151 (2004).
  • Rodney A. Smolla, Privacy and the First Amendment Right to Gather News, 67 Geo. Wash. L. Rev. 1097 (1999).
  • Erwin Chemerinsky, Balancing the Rights of Privacy and the Press: A Reply to Professor Smolla, 67 Geo. Wash. L. Rev. 1152 (1999).
  • Guardian, Right to be Forgotten (a good portal, with news updates and commentaries).
  • Will Oremus, Why Is This Obscure New York Times Story Banned From Google Results in Europe?, Slate, (Oct. 6 2014).
  • Mark Scott, Google Alerts British News Outlets About Deleting Their Links, N.Y. Times (July 3, 2014).


  1. Please brief us on the EU Court of Justice case “Google Spain v AEPD and Mario Costeja González.” (翊軒)