[Seminar] 3/26 English Proposals

Some Observations & Comments:

  • Write names properly: Ming-Li Wang or Wang, Ming-Li.
  • Your name should be the first name on the slide.
  • Don’t omit the title of your faculty advisor.
  • Don’t use Chinese fonts (標楷體 e.g.) for English text; it’s ugly.
  • Define your research questions clearly.
  • Make proper highlights on your research model, data, and main findings.
  • Take your eyes off your slides and scan your audience from time to time.
  • Put more and bigger words on the slide when speaking in English, unless you’re confident the audience understands you fully.
  • Be ready to talk for 5-30 minutes.
    • Background / Introduction
    • Research Questions
    • Status Quo / Literature Reviews
    • (econ)
    • Research Model
    • Data
    • (law)
    • Issues / Analyses
    • Findings
    • Policy Suggestions
    • Conclusion
  • Always end with your own thought even when the research is not finished yet.
  • Be ready to communicate in laypeople’s terms.
  • Help one another; it’s what classmates/friends are for.

[IPLaw] 3/18-4/1 Eligibility and Acquisition

Reading: Textbook ch.7-8


  • Are photos taken by 1-year-old children, blind people copyrightable? How about non-human animals?
  • How about a spillage on the sidewalk? What if it’s done by a street artist?
  • Is it a good idea to protect computer programs by copyright?
  • Should a doctor be allowed to patent a new medical procedure?