[lawecon] 6/18-19 Term paper presentations

I. Class meeting time: 10 am

II. Important notes:

  • The order of presentations will be decided by drawing at the beginning on Tuesday.
  • Each should prepare a 5-min. English summary of your paper, to be presented either at the start or the end of your presentation.
  • The reviewer is expected to examine the research questions, the assumptions (explicit or hidden), the analytical models of the paper, as well as the strength and weakness of its arguments. You’re the reviewer; be critical.
  • The reviewer should also look out for improper copy-pasting from other people’s works, inaccurate citations, and poor formatting jobs.
  • All are expected to read everyone else’s paper, in addition to the one you review. This is your last chance to shore up your participation score.
  • Learn to take good control of your time. Highlight your main arguments when time is short, and elaborate when time permits.
  • Each session lasts 1:20 or so. (see the time allocation table below).

III. Order of Presentations: to be decided via lottery when we convene on Tuesday.

IV. Pairing (click name for paper):

presenter reviewer
陳筠涵 張芝寧
郝玉媛 王治中
劉耀夫 卓冠儒
李思萱 王芮
張芝寧 林暐洋
林暐洋 郝玉媛
卓冠儒 李思萱
王治中 劉耀夫
王芮 陳筠涵

V. Time Allocation:

presentation 25 min.
review 10 min.
open discussion 15 min.
author’s final response 10 min.
moderator’s time 15 min.