[LRTW] 1/8,15 Final AO Presentations

Class meeting time:

  • 1/8 (Wed.): 10am
  • 1/15 (Wed.): 9:30am

Important notes:

  • As a presenter, you are expected to present your arguments anew, as in a conference; in other words, pretend we haven’t heard them before.
  • As a reviewer, you are expected to review the logical coherence of the arguments, the bluebooking of cited resources, and presentation performance.
  • All are expected to read everyone else’s AO, in addition to the one you review. This is your last chance to shore up your participation score.
  • Learn to take good control of your time (note the time is allocated differently from the other class). Highlight your main arguments when time is short, and elaborate when time permits.
  • Each session lasts roughly 1 hr and 10 min. (see time allocation table below).

Order of Presentations: to be decided via lottery on site.

Pairing (not the order of presentations) :

presenter reviewer
筠涵 峙枰
芝寧 思萱
冠儒 維真
峙枰 治中
郁勻 佳儒
治中 佳宜
思萱 冠儒
妤彤 芝寧
維真 妤彤
佳宜 筠涵
佳儒 郁勻

Time Allocation:

presentation 25 min.
review 10 min.
open discussion 15 min.
author’s final response 5 min.
moderator’s time 15 min.