9/10 IIE Survival Tips

How to make your (remaining) year(s) at the IIE, NCU more rewarding:

  • Think/act independently; answer to yourself.
  • Face your weaknesses; conquer them.
  • Stick together, and help one another.
  • Leverage School/University resources.

[Seminar] 3/26 English Proposals

Some Observations & Comments:

  • Write names properly: Ming-Li Wang or Wang, Ming-Li.
  • Your name should be the first name on the slide.
  • Don’t omit the title of your faculty advisor.
  • Don’t use Chinese fonts (標楷體 e.g.) for English text; it’s ugly.
  • Define your research questions clearly.
  • Make proper highlights on your research model, data, and main findings.
  • Take your eyes off your slides and scan your audience from time to time.
  • Put more and bigger words on the slide when speaking in English, unless you’re confident the audience understands you fully.
  • Be ready to talk for 5-30 minutes.
    • Background / Introduction
    • Research Questions
    • Status Quo / Literature Reviews
    • (econ)
    • Research Model
    • Data
    • (law)
    • Issues / Analyses
    • Findings
    • Policy Suggestions
    • Conclusion
  • Always end with your own thought even when the research is not finished yet.
  • Be ready to communicate in laypeople’s terms.
  • Help one another; it’s what classmates/friends are for.

[Seminar] 11/27 Thesis Proposals

Some Observations and Pointers:

  • Help one another.
  • Define your research questions clearly and upfront.
  • Know the purpose of literature review.
  • No need for outline/overview when presentation is short.
  • Know when to use short headings, brief (one-sentence) sentences and detailed descriptions.
  • Highlight your main points on graphs, tables and long sentences.
  • Use Common terminology (depending on your readers/audience).
  • Be concise. (Avoid “做 . . . 的動作”.)
  • Don’t refer to your professor/supervisor only by name.
  • Avoid dark theme unless proper lighting condition is assured.

5/29 College Sports Special Part II


  • Is college sport an industry in Taiwan?
  • If so, . . .
    • what’s the current landscape of the industry?
    • who are the market leaders?
    • is NCU a participant?
    • if so, how well is NCU doing? Why?
    • should college athletes be paid?
    • should college athletes be allowed to unionize?
    • should the government do anything to help or curb its development?
  • If not, . . .
    • is it an industry in the making?
    • what are the main legal, social and economic hindrances?
    • should the government make an effort turning it into an industry?
    • If so, why and how?
    • If not, why not?


Suggested Reading

4/3 IE English Thesis Presentations

Post Presentation Comments/Suggestions:

  • How to write Chinese names?
    (Which is correct: Lin, Lee or Lee, Lin?)
  • Avoid dark themes unless you are sure they would work well at the venue.
  • Highlight your points, and explain the unusual.
  • Time control: too short is not good either.
  • Put what you want to say on the slides if you’re not confident in your vocal delivery.
  • Don’t forget to check spelling and gramma.
  • Make an effort to pronounce the following words properly:
    economy, economist
    economics, economic, economical