[ITAL] 6/17 Legal Scholarship


  • Gary Minda, One Hundred Years of Modern Legal Thought: From Langdell and Holmes to Posner and Schlag, 28 Ind. L. Rev. 353 (1995).

Assignment: Feminist Legal Theory

  • Hints: What is Feminist legal theory? What are the main approaches? Who are the leading scholars in this field? What influence does it have on mainstream legal thoughts, legal professions, and legal practices?

[ITAL] 6/10 Legal Education & Legal Profession


  • Text: ch. 13.
  • “Paper Chase” (the movie).

Assignment: The Law School

  • Hints: How does a college student prepare herself in order to get into a law school? What does a typical law school curriculum look like? How does it contrast with ours? What is the average faculty/student ratio of law schools? What do law students do beside attending classes? How do law students find jobs? What is bar review?

[ITAL] 4-29 The Fourth Estate


  • 林子儀,新聞自由的意義及其理論基礎,台大法學論叢第 22卷1期,頁59-103 (1992) (收於氏著「言論自由與新聞自由」專書)。

Assignment: Newspapers

  • How many newspapers are there in the U.S.? How are they distributed (geographically)? How are they usually categorized (national/regional…, daily/weekly…, morning/evening…)? How many “national” newspapers do they have? What is a “newspaper of record”? What is a tabloid? How many sections does New York Times have? What is an “op-ed”? Is a respected newspaper expected to stay neutral politically (or in any controversy)? How are American newspaper coping with the internet revolution?

[ITAL] 4/8 Elections and Political Parties


Assignment 1 (雅婷): Women’s Political Participation

  • Hints: When did women get the right to vote? How did it happen? How about their other political participation (as elected officials, etc.)? How politically active are they today?

Assignment 2 (嬿儒): Presidential Primaries

  • Hints: Both main parties employ a nomination process (usually called primaries) to determine their presidential nominee. How does the process work? (When does it start? When does it end? How many primaries are there? Who runs a primary? What does the national convention do? etc.)