[ITAL] 4/15 Constitutional Law and Civil Liberties


  • Text: ch. 10.

Assignment (若琳): Abortion Right

Hints: One of the most contested constitutional right is the right to abortion, as established in Roe v. Wade, 410 U.S. 113 (1973). What’s the case about? What are the consequences? What’s the landscape of the debates today?


[ITAL] 4/8 Elections and Political Parties


Assignment 1 (雅婷): Women’s Political Participation

  • Hints: When did women get the right to vote? How did it happen? How about their other political participation (as elected officials, etc.)? How politically active are they today?

Assignment 2 (嬿儒): Presidential Primaries

  • Hints: Both main parties employ a nomination process (usually called primaries) to determine their presidential nominee. How does the process work? (When does it start? When does it end? How many primaries are there? Who runs a primary? What does the national convention do? etc.)

[ITAL] 3/18 The Executive Branch


  • Text: ch. 6.

Assignment (若琳): The Federal Trade Commission

  • Hints: When was it established? How is it organized? What is its mission? How does it carry out its mission? Why is it called an “independent” agency? How is it different from a “regular” (non-independent) agency? How does it coordinate with the DOJ on antitrust-related issues? How is it different from our FTC?