Comm Law (104-2)

I.    Goal

  • To offer an overview of current legal issues and policy lanscape of communications, Internet & media law, with three main focuses: news media, e-commerce and privacy.

II.    References

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IV. Grading policy

  • Participation: 40%, in classes and on the Blackboard system. (Mere attendance or forwarding news articles DOES NOT count as participation.)
  • In-class presentations: 60%.

V. Schedule (tentative, subject to change)

2-23 Course Orientation
3-1 Structure of Communications Regulation
Theme 1 Mass Media
3-8 The Freedom of the Press
3-15 Sex and Violence: Regulating “Improper” Content
3-22 Breaking Down the Silos
3-29 Advertising and the Fourth Estate
4-5 (intercollegial activities)
4-12 (midterm)
Theme 2 Network Economy
4-19 E-publishing
4-26 E-banking
5-3 Industry 4.0
5-10 The Backbone of Network Economy
Theme 3 Privacy Issues
5-17 Privacy vs. Law Enforcement / Anti-Terrorism
5-24 Privacy vs. Free Speech
5-31 Privacy vs. Commercial Interests
6-7 Summing Up
6-14 (final)