Intellectual Property Law (107-2)

Teaching Assistants: 吳艾芸

I. Goal

  • This course intends to guide the students through the basics of intellectual property law. The emphasis will be on cross-system comparisons.

II. Office Hours: by appointment.

II. Textbook: 謝銘洋,智慧財產權法 (2018)。

III. References (listing only some of those available at the university library)

  • James Bessen & Michael J. Meurer, Patent Failure: How Judges, Bureaucrats, and Lawyers Put Innovators at Risk (2009).
  • Alan L. Durham, Patent Law Essentials: A Concise Guide (2013).
  • Robin Feldman: Rethinking Patent Law (2012).
  • Benedict Atkinson, Brian Fitzgerald: A Short History of Copyright: The Genie of Information (2014).
  • Reto M. Hilty & Sylvie Nerisson, Balancing Copyright: A Survey of National Approaches (2012).
  • Ivan L. Pitt, Economic Analysis of Music Copyright (2010).
  • Robert P. Merges, Peter S. Menell & Mark A. Lemley, Intellectual Property in the New Technological Age (6th ed. 2012).

IV. Mailing List:  <>.

V. Grading policy

  • Final exam (or its replacement): 50%.
  • Participation: 50%, in classes and on the mailing list.

VI. Basic Rules (may expand over time):

  • Class time from 13:00 to 14:40; no break.
  • Attendance is not required, but participation is a big part of your grade.
  • No cell phone ringing or talking in class.
  • 艾芸 is not your assistant. If you need help, ask her nicely.

VII. Schedule (tentative, subject to change)

Level I: Guided Research

2-25 Evolution and Overview (ch.1 & 2)
3-4 Properties, Rights & Legal Systems (ch.3-6)
3-11 Properties, Rights & Legal Systems (cont.)
3-18 Eligibility & Acquisition (ch.7 & 8)
3-25 Eligibility & Acquisition (cont.)

Level II: Independent thinking

4-1 Subject (ch.9)
4-8 (intercollegial activities)
4-15 Rights (ch.10) (midterm week; make-up session for 6/3)
4-22 Rights (cont.)
4-29 Limitations (ch.11)

Level III: Autonomous Research

5-6 Limitations (con.)
5-13 Transfer & Licensing (ch.12)
5-20 Infringements & Liabilities (ch.13 & 14)
5-27 Infringements & Liabilities (cont.)
6-3 (conference week; no class)
6-10 (final)