Antitrust (099-2)

I.    Goal

  • To examine selected topics in antitrust law (competition law).

II.    Main Reference

  • 公平會,認識公平交易法 (增訂第十二版)。

III.    Homepage & Mailing List

IV.    Grading policy

  • Participation: 40%, in classes and on the mailing list. (Mere attendance or forwarding news articles DOES NOT count as participation.)
  • Term paper: 60%, 10000 to 15000 words (English OK).

V.    Schedule (very tentative, subject to change)

2011-2-22 Course Orientation
2011-3-1 Monopoly Power
2011-3-8 Monopoly Power II: Predatory Pricing
2011-3-15 Horizontal Restraints
2011-3-22 Horizontal Restraints II: American Needle v. National Football League
2011-3-29 Vertical Restraints
2011-4-5 (Intercollegiate Activities Week)
2011-4-12 Vertical Restraints II: TBA
2011-4-19 (midterm)
2011-4-26 M & A (2010 Guidelines)
2011-5-3 Two-Sided Markets & Antitrust (Google Books etc.)
2011-5-10 Price Discrimination
2011-5-17 Unfair Tactics
2011-5-24 Paper Preparation
2011-5-31 Paper Presentations II
2011-6-7 Paper Presentations III
2011-6-14 Paper Presentations IV
2011-6-21 (final)

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