Antitrust (Sat.) (103-1)

Course Assistants: 黃宇良陳俊文

I.    Goal

  • To have a general understanding of the public law system and antitrust law (competition law).

II.    Textbook

  • 中文: 公平會,認識公平交易法 (增訂第十五版)。

III.    Homepage & Mailing List

IV.    Grading policy

  • Participation: 40%, in classes and on the mailing list. (Mere attendance or forwarding news articles DOES NOT count as participation.)
  • Case Study Presentation: 60%.

V.    Schedule (tentative, subject to change)

9-20 Course Orientation
10-5 Crash Course on Administrative Law / Overview of Antitrust Law
10-25 獨占 (心怡、雅婷、博元、怡君)
11-8 聯合行為 (雅芸、祐毓、益銘、杏文、紀朝)
11-23 結合 (閔威、宛真、玉龍)
12-13 轉售價格維持 (公平交易法第18條) (博文、國權、柏尹、宗勳)
12-21 限制或妨礙競爭 (第19條) (凱淵、彭曄、俊逸、的厚)
1-10 不實廣告 (秋如、閔恩、淑君、佩瑚)